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Rental Policies:

Hold Policy And Cancellation Policy –
Contact the renting location for their “hold and cancellation” policy. Be aware that during periods of high demand such as holidays, cancellation fees can apply. This is only which the renter is provided with this policy as part of their reservation information.

Grace Period:

Other than insurance and warranty replacement rentals, all rentals are based on a 24-hour rate, the standard grace period is 59 minutes. If the renter keeps the vehicle after this time, an hourly rate will apply from minute one.

After Hours Returns:

All after hours returns must be approved by the renting location. All renters returning after hours are still subject to the terms on our rental agreement form pertaining to renter’s responsibilities for damages to any vehicle returned after hours.

Geographical Restrictions / Mileage Limitations:

All geographical restrictions and mileage limitations are as posted on the rental agreement. Section #2 of the “Warnings” section, titled “Travel Area Restrictions” spells out the agreed geographical restrictions.

Local Pick Up And Drop Off:

Check with your renting location as to their parameters for “Local Pick-up and Drop-Off”. Renting location may require advance notice for this free service.

Additional Driver:

Additional drivers are allowed at most locations and there may be an additional fee if state law permits. They must meet the minimum age requirements, present a valid driver’s license and credit card in his/her own name. All location policies that apply to the renter will also apply. (Additional drive surcharge: specific location)

Age Requirements:

Renter must be 18 years of age with a valid photo driver’s license and major credit in his/her own name. Ages 21-24 could be charged as an underage driver.

Collision Damage Waiver / Responsibility for Vehicle Damage (specific to each location):

If you do not purchase Collision Damage Waiver, you are responsible for all damage to the rented vehicle.
If you purchase Collision Damage Waiver, we will waive a portion of our right to collect from you for damage to the rented vehicle caused by collision or upset. The amount of your responsibility varies according to the type of vehicle you rent. We will not waive our right to collect for comprehensive losses such as fire, theft, vandalism, flood, hall, or acts of God. In addition, there are other exclusions from Collision Damage Waiver. Please read the back of the renting locations rental agreement for a complete list of exclusions.

CDW is optional; your personal auto policy may cover damage to the rented vehicle. If you are renting a truck larger than a pick-up truck, your personal auto policy may not cover the rented vehicle. Check with your insurer if you are uncertain.

We can elect not to rent to you if you do not present proof of auto liability and physical damage insurance coverage.

Fuel Policies / Refueling Charges:

Option #1: We fill the tank

Vehicle is rented with a full tank. Return the vehicle with a full tank to avoid a charge or the renting location will refuel your vehicle based on the miles driven or level of the tank. A refueling service fee will apply per gallon.

Liability Insurance:

Liability insurance protects you against claims for injury or damage you cause to third persons or their property. It does not cover injury to you or damage to the rented vehicle. Affiliated Car Rental vehicles are covered by policies of insurance that provide coverage up to the minimums prescribed by the financial responsibility laws of the state whose laws are applied if an accident occurs. This can be as low as $10,000.

If an accident occurs, either your personal auto insurance or the Affiliated Car Rental liability, or the both of them, will pay the claim, depending on which state’s laws apply.

Maps and Directions:

Click here for maps and directions

Payment Information:

The following are accepted forms of payment:
Visa, MasterCard ****Please call the renting location for a complete list of credit cards accepted.

Cash Rentals: Must call location directly.

Debit Cards: Accepted as payment at locations' discretion.

Credit Card Authorization Requirements:

1 Day - $200.00
2 Days - $250.00
3 Days - $300.00
4 Days - $350.00
5 – 7 Days - $500.00
**Please call the renting location to confirm the above requirements.
Authorization amount is subject to change with notice.
Vehicle must be returned during business hours to avoid additional days charged.

Requirements and Restrictions:

All drivers must meet the renting location’s minimum age requirements, have a valid driver’s license, a personal auto policy in their name, a clean driving record, and present a major credit card in his/her own name at the time of rental. See also age, driver’s license, driving records, and credit cards.

Qualifications for Renters from Countries Outside the United States:

  • Must have a valid driver’s license from renters / drivers country of origin
  • Must have a valid passport
  • Must have a valid international driver’s license if the driver’s license of origin is not in Roman alphabet.
  • Affiliated Car Rental requires written proof in English of liability insurance covering injury to third persons or their property and collision and comprehensive insurance covering any Affiliated Car Rental vehicle while on rent. Written proof should include the name and address of the insurer and the policy number.

Special Equipment / Disabled Drivers:

Child seat for infant / toddler - $5.00 per day

Hard controls are provided with no additional fee. A minimum advance notice of 72 hours is required. Equipment may vary in operation type, being either pull or push type. We may not be able to supply hand controls for all makes and models of vehicles. We may not be able to provide disability equipment that is either permanently installed or involves permanent alteration to a vehicle, such as left-foot gas pedal extensions. We do not have permanently modified vehicles such as wheel chair driver position or ramp-access vans. Between an airport terminal and the rental office, ADA access transportation may be provided by services other than Affiliated Car Rental. This service is provided at no additional charge or increase in rental rate.

Drivers for the blind or those whose equipment needs cannot be met may drive a car as an Authorized Drive for the person to whom a vehicle is rented. The Authorized Driver must possess a valid driver’s license and be age 25. There is no additional fee for an Additional Authorized Driver under these circumstances.

The person with disability needs must identify him/herself as visually or physically challenged and that a driver is being provided at the time of reservation. Both the person for whom the needs are requested and the driver must be present at the time of rental transaction.

Reservations to request disability equipment should be placed only by calling the local renting location.

Taxes and Fees – Per location

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